Frequently Asked Questions

Here is where you will find answers to any questions about your mobile multi-currency account.
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Are you planning to close Zenbanx USA?

We’ll announce a timeline for the transition to SoFi bank accounts once the product is closer to completion.

Is Zenbanx USA still available?

Yes, Zenbanx USA will still be available to USA residents.

When will I be able to sign up for a Zenbanx account?

We do not have a date yet for some of the new and exciting products that we are working on, but be sure to follow SoFi on social media for exciting new announcements.

Why can't I sign up for the Zenbanx account?

With the recent acquisition by SoFi, we are working on some exciting new product announcements. As a result, we are temporarily suspending new account openings.

What is Zenbanx?

Zenbanx is a mobile multi-currency banking account for Citizens of the World that allows you to hold up to nine currencies and exchange or send them domestically or internationally.

What are your Send Money Fees?

Sending money to another Zenbanx customer in the Zenbanx customer directory within the US has no charge. It’s free to send money to someone domestically that is not a Zenbanx customer. Our Send Money Fees are $0.95 USD to Zenbanx customers in the Zenbanx customer directory, $4.95 USD for non-customers and $2.95 USD for non-customers to India. Please see our Fee Schedule for a detailed list of our fees.

Why do you need to collect my SSN?

Financial institutions are required to collect a customer’s SSN when opening the Zenbanx account in order to verify your identity. Our process is secure and protects both you and Zenbanx. We have very strong privacy practices that secure your personal information.

How can I access the money in my Zenbanx Account?

The money in your account can be sent electronically to family or friends, transferred to your linked bank account, used to purchase goods with your debit card (where Visa® is accepted) or as a cash withdrawal from a participating ATM network (Plus® or Visa®) throughout the world.

Can I send money overseas?

Yes. You can send money from the US to the countries that issue the currencies we offer including the Euro, Australian dollar, Indian rupee, British Pound, Hong Kong dollar, Japanese yen, Singapore dollar, and the Canadian dollar.

Can I use my Zenbanx Debit Card in other countries?

Yes, you can use your Zenbanx debit card for purchases and ATM withdrawals in other countries. You will need to transfer funds from your US position into the currency of the country you are visiting, as your ATM withdrawal will be taken from that currency. If you are visiting a country whose currency we don’t support, the withdrawal will come from your US funds. You will be charged the USD equivalent of $1.75 US each time you use an out of country ATM. This fee will be charged in the currency in which the transaction occurred. Please see our Fee Schedule for a detailed list of our fees.

When will my money arrive?

Domestic transfers arrive within 2-3 business days. International transfers will vary by country, but funds should arrive in your recipient's bank within 2-3 business days. In-network transfers made to other Zenbanx customers are available when they receive the email asking them to pick up their money and click “accept.”

Are there minimum/maximum balances for my Zenbanx Account?

There is no minimum deposit required to open this account. There is no minimum balance requirement to avoid the imposition of a fee. The maximum account balance for New Customers is $100,000. USD or equivalent of all currency positions. The maximum account balance for Established Customers is $250,000 USD or equivalent of all currency positions. You can request to review our Account Agreement for the definitions of New Customer and Established Customer.

Is Zenbanx secure?

Absolutely! Your money is in the federally regulated United States banking system. Our mobile app and website feature state-of-the-art multi-factor authentication.

What is the charge for currency exchanges?

When you exchange money it’s done at fair and competitive market rates. When you exchange your money from one currency to another within your ZenBanx Account, there are no additional fees. You will be shown the exchange rate, for any currency you want to exchange, prior to authorizing the transaction.

Are my deposits insured?

Your Zenbanx account, as well as any Wilmington Savings Fund Society (or WSFS) Bank qualifying account balances you might have, are aggregated for purposes of FDIC insurance up to $250,000. The US dollar equivalent deposits are subject to FDIC insurance.– to find out more about FDIC insurance, visit

If I have a question, how do I get an answer?

You can contact us at or call (855) ZENBANX (855) (936-2269) +1 (650) 336-6500 for international calls (international charges may apply) Monday through Friday (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays) 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

What personal information is needed to verify my identity and open my Zenbanx account?

You will need to provide: name, home address, date of birth, social security number (SSN), e-mail address, cell #, country of citizenship, employment info, a valid driver's license or passport, your linked bank account information, and a selfie! After linking your account it may take two (2) to three (3) business days for your verification micro-deposits to appear. Once you verify the micro-deposit amounts from your linked account by signing-in to the app or website, you will be ready to fund the account.

What currencies are offered with Zenbanx?

Zenbanx currently supports AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, HKD, INR, JPY, SGD and USD.

What is WSFS?

Wilmington Savings Fund Society (or WSFS) is a minority shareholder of Zenbanx USA Inc. and all Zenbanx Customer accounts in the United States are offered through WSFS. As a Zenbanx customer in the US you become a WSFS account holder when you open your Zenbanx account.

What interest rate will I earn on my Zenbanx account?

Deposits in your Zenbanx account will earn competitive interest rates in all currency positions that pay interest. If you prefer not to earn interest, you can chose to opt out. For more information on rates, visit Interests rates are variable and there is no minimum balance required to earn interest.

How do I find my routing and account number so I can link my other bank accounts?

At the bottom of your check the first set of 9 digits is your bank routing number and the next set of digits is your account number.

Where can I find my Zenbanx Routing Number?

The Zenbanx Routing number is 031100924 and displayed on your account overview page.

Will my foreign deposit be covered by deposit insurance?

Yes. Your Zenbanx account, as well as any Wilmington Savings Fund Society (or WSFS) Bank qualifying account balances you might have, are aggregated for purposes of FDIC insurance up to $250,000. The US dollar equivalent deposits are subject to FDIC insurance. To find out about FDIC deposit insurance visit

Are there fees for having a Zenbanx Account?

There are no fees to open a Zenbanx Account. Please refer to our Fee Schedule for a detailed list of our fees. Additional information here.

Can I link a prepaid debit card?

Zenbanx doesn't support linking prepaid debit cards to your account. You must link a valid personal checking account held in your name. We don't support business accounts, savings accounts or accounts that aren't in your own name.

How are foreign currency exchange rates calculated?

We provide competitive exchange rates based off Wholesale Inter-Bank Market Rates, which vary by currency. Exchange rates are quoted real time and are subject to market conditions.

What personal information do I need for the person to whom I am sending money?

To send money you will need to know the recipient’s first and last name and their email address.

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