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The Zenbanx

The mobile account that lets you save, send and spend in multiple currencies.

World Traveler

Overseas Sender

Multi-Currency Saver

Meet Quinton.

He exchanges currencies at great rates and with no additional fees.

He travels constantly to Italy, Japan and the UK. He loves Zenbanx because he changes Loonies to Yen, Pounds, and Euros before he goes. When he’s there his debit card handles the rest.

Looking good, Quinton.

Meet Nishi.

She saves up to 5 times compared to bank fees when sending money home.

She loves having one multi-currency account that lets her hold and exchange money to Rupees. She uses Zenbanx to send money home, whenever and wherever she wants. The Zenbanx app even allows her to include a photo of that face that makes her mom laugh.

Keep on sending love, Nishi.

Meet Roscoe.

He is earning 1.5% on his CAD and great rates on his other currencies.

Roscoe is always looking for great deals to round out his collection – anywhere he can find them. To be ready to snap up those deals, he saves money in Euro, CAD, USD and HKD, and earns great interest in each. When a deal shows up, so does Roscoe. His multi-currency debit card makes purchasing easy and saves him fees other cards would have charged.

Nice bike, Roscoe.

Why a Zenbanx Account is Right For You

Manage Multiple Currencies From One Account

Your Zenbanx account allows you to hold and exchange multiple currencies right from your mobile phone. No more time-consuming bank visits. Access your currencies any time, day or night. Your money is ready for you when you need it.

Save When Sending Money to Family and Friends

International money transfers are cheaper using your Zenbanx account than using a bank. Period. And if you’re sending money to another Zenbanx customer in the Zenbanx directory in the USA, there are no send money fees.

Mobile Money Reimagined

Hold, exchange, and transfer money between multiple currencies in an instant through the mobile app, no visits to your bank's branch required and no hidden fees. You can access your Zenbanx account via the web, your iPhone or Android phone anywhere, anytime. It is the future of mobile money.

Access Your Money from ATMs Worldwide

As a Zenbanx customer you receive a debit card to access your money from ATMs worldwide, or to purchase goods from stores worldwide. Best of all, it even lets you access different currencies from your account when traveling abroad. Now that's convenience.

Send Money With Your Personal Touch

Your life is social - so is Zenbanx. Say goodbye to impersonal money transfers. Now you can include a message and a photo when you send money to family and friends. Because we could all use some more fun in our lives.

Your Money is Secure

Zenbanx Accounts in Canada are offered by DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Ltd. (DUCA). The Zenbanx mobile app and website both meet industry standards for security and authentication, to ensure accounts are kept safe.


Follow our #Zensetters on Instagram and share in their journeys around the globe. Zenbanx is helping their money travel as easily as they do.


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What our Customers are Saying

Good customer care is so hard to find nowadays....A shout-out to your team Zenbanx. Excellent, prompt service.

— Jibran Sheikh

One of the best interest rates for a savings account you can currently get in Canada (1.5%). Was able to credit my $250 CAD to $250 USD promotion with no delays.

— Adrian T.

With the Canadian financial institution landscape dominated for the most part by the so-called Big 5, Zenbanx is becoming an outlier thanks to its unparalleled customer service, competitive exchange rates, and user-friendly interface.

— Tim H.

Being able to access my money when, where and how I want it thanks to Zenbanx's easy-to-use mobile account means that I can spend more time enjoying my trips back to London and less time worrying about how I'm going to get my money over there.

— Rachel Kenworthy

Zenbanx will offer me a streamlined, easy way to move money where I need it without being restricted by the fees and hours of operation of big banks.

— Viraj Mane

I originally signed up to get the promotion only but am finding myself using the account to transfer money very easily and I imagine it will be very helpful when I travel. I will be recommending this to anyone that asks about global access to funds.

— Nghin Clark

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