The Zenbanx Account.
The mobile account
for everyone that lives in
multiple currencies.


Citizens of the World, Choose your Location

Liberate the world's human capital by mobilizing its money

Zenbanx was started on the premise that your money is not as free or global as you are. The Zenbanx account is an account for citizens of the world—those who live, travel, and work in multiple currencies. You find them at airports, on the move, creating a world without borders. You find them right next door, in our neighborhoods, creating futures for themselves and a richer culture for the rest of us. You might even find one in the mirror. Most of us, when we think about it, have connections all over the planet. We don’t live inside the lines on maps.

Citizens of the world have two things in common: Their lives span oceans and continents. But their money doesn’t. It’s trapped in the 20th century, nowhere near as free to move and make things happen as the people who earn it.

Zenbanx was created to change that.

We are with you everywhere through our simple mobile application and provide access to your money through a multi currency debit card for use at any ATM, anywhere. We liberate your money from costly and hidden fees that other banks typically don’t like to advertise—ours are simple and cheap. We reward your savings with a high competitive interest rate, amongst the highest available.

Our mission is simple: to make your money as mobile as you are.

  • Multiple currencies, one account

  • Send money to family & friends anywhere cheaper

  • Your money is secure

  • Mobile money re-imagined

  • Your life is social, and so is Zenbanx

  • Access your money at any ATM

"Aims to shake up mobile banking with foreign currency exchanges and transfers that are cheaper and easier."

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